Sailing schedule for the pilot phase in September

Now with the support of
Blue Living Lab

The Blue Living Lab is a business incubation scheme run by Nausicaá, the largest sea-life aquarium in Europe, located on the seafront at Boulogne-sur-Mer. Nausicaá  is a very impressive visitor experience and marine research center and thereby a highly complementary partner for SailLink. We aim to work together to provide not only a great destination for our passengers but also on-board marine education and observation activities.

Sept 2021 - March 2022
Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition winner

SailLink gained support as part of the UK Department for Transport's funding competition, managed by Innovate UK. As a result we were involved as end-user partner for the project "High performance reefable wingsails feasibility study".

25-31 Sept 2021

2nd feasibility sailing completed

We studied the routes, port access & berthing and met with Border Force , Harbour Managers & local interest groups. The result is that a sailing passenger service working in accordance with the prevailing conditions is very feasible. SailLink is go!
Thanks to our commercial sailing advisor and reality checker Jim Duerden of Top Cat Cruising School for supplying his boat and enthusiastic support!