Departure & arrival times are the local times at the destination.
Crossing times vary according to the tides from 3h30min - 4h30min approximately.

Pioneer tickets

Youngster is 6-18. For each 6-10 year old one adult. 
Due to space restrictions on the pilot phase vessel, we can take a max of only 2 bikes per crossing. No bike trailers, tandems, cargo bikes etc. Folding bikes are considered regular luggage so there is no charge.

Booking : For all enquiries please contact us here ! No login required

Supporter tickets

If you cannot make it this time but you would like to support SailLink then you can buy tickets now to be used (or not) any time in the future. Prices are the same as for the pilot phase. In addition to your ticket you will be sent a small token of our appreciation and, if you agree, your name will be displayed under the list of supporters. Thank you !

Sponsorship opportunity

Companies and organisations interested to see the SailLink concept become an operational service can support us through a sponsorship donation. In return, we will display your logo prominently on the pilot phase vessel, provide you with 2 tickets for the pilot phase and include you in the list of supporters. Prices are £400 for small businesses, £1000 for larger organisations. Thank you for your support !


The pilot phase will use the Mago Merlino, a 12m commercially certified sailing catamaran.

The captain will be either Jim Duerden, owner of the vessel, a commercial yachtmaster and a sailing instructor, or it will be his son Toby, also a commercially certified yachtmaster and sailing instructor.

To help them & to guide you will be Andrew Simons, founder of SailLink and also a commercially endorsed sailor.

So you will be in good hands aboard a fully able and fast vessel !

Departure and arrival points


Departure and arrival at Dover will be from the charter pontoon of the new marina. This is to the right (west) of the beach. The vehicle ferry terminal is to the left (east). Access to the pontoon is via the gate in the centre of the picture below, just to the right at the start of the new pier. The waiting room is any of the beach-side cafés.

Gated access. Passengers will be let through by SailLink


Departure and arrival at Boulogne will be at the tidal marina which is on the left of the river when looking to sea. Access is via the orange building shown and by passing under the stairs in the picture below. 

Gated access. Passengers will be let through by SailLink

Important passenger information

Please be aware that this is the pilot phase of a completely new type of cross-channel transport service.
We have conducted substantial feasibility and testing but there comes a time to do it for real and this will be it.
These will be the first of our crossings with passengers - we're really looking forward to welcoming you on board!
We're conducting this in order to test and validate the procedures, crossing times and passenger requirements.
We will do everything we can to make the passage and the experience pleasant and convenient but cannot rule out delays or changes to the schedule - so just as for any other type of transport.
Access on and off the vessel involves a ladder and stepping over a hand rail. Please be aware of this.
Due to the type of travel, for the pilot phase we are not able to take children under 6 yrs old - sorry.
Border checks will be conducted : this is international travel so passengers will need valid travel documents.

Thank you for your understanding !