Support SailLink to launch full services in 2024 and gain a one-time 50% discount on travel, redeemable any time in the future. Supporter Tickets are our own form of crowdfunding for the business development costs, with an attractive reward we hope you will use. As an example, if you buy an adult return ticket with bike then you will be entitled to 50% off the same ticket once we are operating.

Please Contact us to request a payment link and to receive your personalised tickets

Supporting individuals

The following individuals have shown their support by purchasing Supporter Tickets. Our sincere thanks to all !!

Hector de Pellegars Malhortie

Alison Teague

Frank Maskell

Tom Brett

Inge van Berkel

Peter Hoefnagels

Ralf Gehrig

Peter Stephenson

Sandrine Tiller

Kevin Bomher

Andrew Mortimer

James Tringham

Antonia Staats

Mike Grenville

Celia Libera

Michele Lonergan

Alexander Perkins

Catherine Hartley

Rustam Lam

Gabriel Lam

Tom Littlehales

James Taylor

Frances Simons

Bart van der Vliet

Rafael Widmer

Christian Kühn

Ben Withers

Urszula Stawik

Raphael Pauschitz

André Friederich

Ryan Matthews

Alastair Hodges

Lucy Bruzzone

Sharon Capper

Sylvain Tanguy

Andrew Garman

Sarah Evans

George Hartley