The SailLink ambition

Historically, maritime transportation followed a progression from sail to fossil fuels in its craving to save time, money and effort. The ambition of SailLink is to avoid this progression and instead to design its services and vessels to optimise the sailing experience and therefore to remain sailing using the power of the winds.   

SailLink is a unique venture, which also means that sailing passenger vessels designed for this type and area of operation simply do not exist. Therefore, to prove the concept, we will start out with an existing vessel adapted to our requirements. Once we gain sufficient  experience in use and passenger needs we will be able to design a high-performance purpose-built vessel.

Taking inspiration and methods developed for yacht racing, the five-year vision for SailLink is to have hydrofoiling sailing passenger catamarans gliding people between the coasts of England and France. This will make the ride smoother and faster, thereby increasing the comfort level and opening up the possibility of longer routes, whilst maintaining the same 4 hour crossing time.