The new cross-channel travel experience
For you, your bike & your eco-adventurous spirit
First route 

Dover <=> Boulogne-sur-Mer
4 - 5 hours including border & boarding procedures
Where sustainability meets adventure !

The SailLink vessel for 2024

With the help of a few enthusiastic investors we have just bought our first vessel and are in the process of getting it ready to begin full services in July (launch date and Sailing schedule coming soon). 

This fast and comfortable 17m catamaran has sheltered cockpit space for 12 passengers and enough room inside for bikes and luggage.



Following the success of our pilot phase with first pioneering passengers in 2022 and our month-long test of the sailing schedule in 2023, we are now welcoming investors for a launch in 2024. 

Investment will be in a re-marketable & sought-after commercial sailing vessel. 

Please see our investment page for more information.

Our routes

We will begin with a first route between the fantastic destinations of Dover and Boulogne-sur-Mer. Other routes have been identified and will be developed soon after.

Our boats

Our crew and boats will be fully certified and fit for purpose. The vessels will use the power of the wind as well as renewably charged, auxiliary electric propulsion for low impact travel and to maintain the schedule.

Your experience

Step-aboard in the town harbour and set sail for the other side, just a few hours away. Take part in the sailing or sit back and relax. Feel the effect of the invisible force on the sails, keep an eye out for ships and watch the other coast grow closer.


SailLink was founded in order to provide a sustainable means of transport where there is currently none. It is therefore a defining factor of what we do and how we do it. We recognise sustainability to concern all human activities and that we must now focus on regenerating the environment we depend upon.

Equality, diversity & integration

SailLink is cross-channel & cross-boarder travel. In the same sense it is cross-cultures, cross-genders and cross-differences. As a form of public transport it is as inclusive as we are allowed to be. This extends from within our team and amongst our partners to our passengers and potential passengers.


Legality & safety

SailLink offers legal and safe travel, adhering to the agreed and correct border procedures. As such, we can offer passage only to those with valid travel documents. 

The Dover Strait is no safe place for inadequate vessels and inexperienced navigators. We encourage all those desperate to get to the UK in order to seek asylum to be aware of the tidal streams, to wear buoyancy aids & to make themselves visible to shipping.

About us

The concept comes from our own needs to travel between the UK and European continent and to make the journey in a way which is suitable.

Andrew (GB) brings a background in boatbuilding, sailing & life cycle analysis. Stephanie (CH) her project leadership & bike infrastructure planning. Our skipper, vessel owner and reality-check Jim brings his experience and advice on the route and the boat. 

Together we have a vision which the next generations can live with.

We're supported in the venture by additional advisors, business developers and our partners at the ports and border authorities.