Connecting your journey by sail

The new way to travel between the UK and mainland Europe
Future friendly with convenience and adventure

Thanks to everyone who supported or shared it.
Our small crowdfunding campaign was a success
and we can now move forward to the next stage:

Pilot phase with passengers in 2022

25-31 Sept 2021

2nd feasibility sailing completed

We studied the routes, port access & berthing and met with Border Force , Harbour Managers & local interest groups.  The result is that a sailing passenger service working in accordance with the prevailing conditions is very feasible.  SailLink is go!
Thanks to our commercial sailing advisor and reality checker Jim Duerden of Top Cat Cruising  School for supplying his boat and enthusiastic support! 

The SailLink concept

A cross-channel travel connection using sailing vessels for a maximum of 12 passengers. SailLink will access conveniently situated marinas and harbour berths to bring our passengers to the heart of the coastal destination and within easy reach of the train station.

Engage in a real experience and a future-friendly means of travel. If you have never sailed before then travelling with SailLink will offer you a short and non-exclusive introduction whilst getting you from A to B.  You can choose to be actively involved or to relax and watch.

It is cross-border travel so customs procedures will be followed, but without the queues.

Our routes

We are currently testing the feasibility of several routes between three to four ports on each coast. This will allow us the flexibility to continue sailing under various conditions. Our routes are designed to enable a 3 - 5 hour crossing.

Our vessels

Our crew and vessels will be fully certified and fit for purpose. The vessels will use the power of the wind as well as renewably charged, auxiliary electric propulsion for low impact travel and to maintain the schedule.

Your experience

Each experience will be different. That's the nature of sailing and the uniqueness of your journey with us. Whatever happens, the objective which guides the design of our services is that you will want to do it again - and bring your friends.

Where we're at

SailLink has conducted substantial feasibility, communication and testing. We've tried out the ports, the routes and we've clarified the regulations and procedures to make it a unique and fully compliant service. We've now started to build the team and join with partners to work towards a pilot phase and first season of operation. As soon as the Covid-19 eases sufficiently and it's responsible to do so, we will be offering places to the first pioneering passengers!

Thanks to everyone who supported or shared it.
Our crowdfunding campaign was a success
and we can proceed to the next stage !


SailLink was founded in order to provide a sustainable means of transport where there is currently none. It is therefore a defining factor of what we do and how we do it. We recognise sustainability to concern  all human activities and that to restore the natural balances these must now focus on cleaning and regenerating the environment we depend on.

Equality, diversity & integration

SailLink is cross-channel & cross-boarder travel. In the same sense it is cross-cultures, cross-genders and cross-differences. As a form of public transport it is as inclusive as we are allowed to be. This extends from within our team and amongst our partners to our passengers and potential passengers. 

Refugee rights & welfare

Clearly SailLink cannot offer passage to the desperate people risking everything to get to the UK to claim asylum. But we can help to raise calls for their needs to be met and critical changes made to the current UK asylum system. As an island and a wealthy nation with a colonial past, the UK must accept its fair share of refugees and offer them safe passage.