The SailLink service

Sustainable & active for people travelling by foot or bike.

Between easy access points, from the heart of one coastal town to the other in an adventurous 3 to 4-hour crossing.

An unforgettable experience of travel on a human scale, at an affordable price and with pleasant border procedures.

With covered space for bikes, and you can even help sailing.  

First route Dover - Boulogne

Further routes between UK & EU will then follow, as well as beyond!

We are planning a second pilot phase for 2023. From 2024 we will operate daily services between April and October.

An example of our sailing schedule

The schedule is designed around the tides: essentially one return crossing per day, starting and finishing in Dover.

Short periods of single crossings are necessary as the tides get later in the day.

We will publish the sailing schedule and make tickets available just as soon as we are sure of the start date.

Ticket prices

Ticket options and full sailing schedule coming soon.
Until then we have Supporter Tickets available.
If you would like to receive notification of when we publish the sailing
schedule please let us know and we will add you to our mailing list - thanks !